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To educate and lead families to maximize health through proper nerve function, nutrition, exercise and a positive outlook on life

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Dr. Hanlon is available to speak to your company, church or group on various topics that will help you maximize your life.


  • Maximized Living Program:  This six week course is your success roadmap for teaching the Maximized Living principles in your company.  The six comprehensive lesson plans are chocked full of explanations, illustrations, charts, questions, and journal prompts—everything you need to experience transformation—body, mind, and spirit.  You become one-percent better each day for 40 days.

  • Eating By Design:  This four week course teaches you to eat like an elephant and look like a gazelle.  How?  By eating the way you were intended.  Eating by design isn’t so much about dropping pounds or inches—it’s about feeling great as well as looking great—it’s about having energy for your destiny.

  • Time Sense:  This six week course will teach you the key principles of successful time—and life—management. There are simple, highly-effective strategies that can help you find, follow, fulfill your goals and dreams.

  • QuickSets: This four week course is a fast, fun, flexible system that works for any body.  Using the secrets learned from working with Olympic athletes and refined with experience from tens of thousands of patients, the QuickSet Program is designed to be Fast, Fun, and Pain Free.


  • Un-Diet: Dieting doesn't work. Strangely named fad-diets will not bring you health or the body you want long term. Un-dieting is eating the way you were intended you to eat. You can begin feeling better and losing unwanted pounds right away by eating foods from the "Food by design" list and following "The Un-Diet Food Guide."

  • Movement: Don't think, "No pain, no gain"--think "No pain, no pain." You can use the "F.U.R." system to restore health and reverse aging in as little as 15 minutes a day.

  • Peace Management: stress can't be managed, but peace can. You can learn to maximize peace when you learn that less is more--becoming appearance-less, want-less, acceptance-less, result-less, pride-less, time-less, hate-less, fear-less, let's you become faith-full and hope-full.

  • Time Management: The "M.P.C." System will help you achieve 160 hours of results in a 40-hour week, accomplish the things that are most important, and still have time for the key relationships in your life.


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