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Patient Stories

I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care…

I started coming to Dr. Hanlon with a sore back and was informed it was much more. I have an injury due to an accident in the military which left me with hearing loss. As we made progress with my back, all of a sudden I could start to hear more. Also, things were clearer sounding. I was surprised that my back could affect my hearing as it did, but I am grateful on finding it out. Also, I have fewer headaches and my arms don’t fall asleep at all. I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care.

William's Testimony: I have to share my own testimony about getting an exam that includes an x-ray! We were taking William, age 3 or 4 at the time, to get adjustments and EVERY time he would end up with an ear infection! I know this is counter to the theory that chiropractic care is supposed to help resolve this problem, so we kept up his treatment. However, after the 3rd infection, we left and decided to try tubes. What a relief, this worked, or so it seemed. Once William's tubes would fall out, he was back to the same problems with irritability and limited hearing, PLUS frustrating inaccurate tones in his speech patterns. Still afraid of chiropractic care, we ended up getting 3 sets of tubes, and tonsils removed. Again, same problems when the tubes would fall out. Finally, I returned to Dr. Mark, and shared my hesitations with him, and FINALLY he was able to get an x-ray. What he discovered was that he needed to add a type of adjustment to his care that he, or any other doctor, would have NEVER known without an x-ray. William's skull is almost touching his 1st vertebrae. Looking back, I knew there was a problem in the first 3-months of his life when he wasn't able to move his head in a full range motion. (I was nervous about chiropractors then. I even avoided them when I was in pain during pregnancy and Wm was growing in a breach position.) Pediatricians suggested alternating sleeping positions. We then went through 2 sets of CT scans for his oversized head, and child care workers noticed him laying his head down frequently during play. He was not able to hold up his head because of the position of his neck. (Mom's know!) GET A FREE X-RAY if you sense ANY problem with your child...colic, ear infections, mood swings, sleep problems, anxiety, eating issues, pregnancy pain, anything! God designed our bodies to work perfectly when our nervous system can function properly. You'll save money, frustration, and stress. Trust God, and seek the right chiropractor to add to your healthcare team for your child.

Back to Health = Back to School
I came to Doctor Hanlon as part of my plan to prepare myself to go to college. I had been to a chiropractor before and strongly believe in the practice.
After having a heart attack and bypass surgery I was sure my spine was out of line and I had the pain to prove it. After a few visits the pain was greatly reduced, I was breathing easier, and I was experiencing a certain peace in the whole of my body. But what really impressed me was how the doctor is spending his money and his statements of faith in Jesus. Please keep up the good work Dr. Mark Hanlon.
I am a strong believer in the Maximized Living concept. I find it sad that
so many people would rather take a pill that masks a problem rather than getting the problem fixed. I believe Chiropractic Medicine should be our
first choice in maintaining our health. We should not ignore conventional medicine, but I believe the principles of Maximized Living can greatly reduce our visits to the doctor.

This is not a BS program...
When I started with the Max Program I hurt all the time: head, joints, muscles. After only 5 weeks I take no antinflammatories or pain meds as compared to 6 per day before. My knees are stronger noticeably; my back is actually straighter even with my T-10 compression fracture. My jeans are saggy now and the bloating that made them very tight has disappeared. This is not a BS program as I thought at first---it actually works on so many levels---it is awesome!
-Mary Jane

Definitely a Positive Experience!
Before coming to Hanlon Chiropractic, I was struggling with not being able to sleep because of leg pain and sore hips. Since beginning my treatments, the leg pain has decreased to the point I am able to sleep through the night and my hip pain has basically disappeared. If I have had this much relief in six weeks, I can’t wait to see how things feel by the time I complete all my treatments! Everyone has been so nice that I look forward to coming in… definitely a positive experience!

Pain Free and Flexibility is Now Mine
"When I began seeing Dr. Hanlon, I was 100% unconvinced that chiropractic could help me. but through my care and especially all of the education/explanation/information, I became a 100% believer. One of the greatest advantages (here) is Dr. Hanlon's and staff's real faith. Five decades ago, I fell off my tall mare twice, landing on my head. After having to give up my career as a medical transcriptionist because my hands "didn't work", and after 6 less-than-successful hand surgeries, I'd resigned myself to limited hand functions. After a few adjustments (including my hands,wrists, arms), it's amazing - 100% pain-free and flexibility is now mine. At first, it was 90% right hand and 80% left hand due to left hand arthritis. Thank you!"

I'm 58 and can do things I did when I was 38.
"Prior to coming to Diehl Hanlon Chiropractic, I had pinched nerves, leg pain, and couldn't rest. Since starting, I have noticed changes in my health and function, such as no leg pain, proper bowel movements, more energy to play with my grandchildren, and do simple, everyday tasks without pain. I'm much happier with work and my everyday life and I feel great most of the time."

93 and enjoying life again!
"I had severe lower back pain much of the time and also neck pain. After several adjustments I am much better and can enjoy life again. My back pain is nearly gone and my neck is less painful. It has been good to be without pain and not so tired. I have also learned about the importance of posture and proper diet. I am very thankful that I cane to Diehl Hanlon Chiropractic."

Doing work without the pain
"I was experiencing muscle spasms and pain in my neck, head and shoulder blades, as well as headaches and jaw pain when I started at Diehl Hanlon Chiropractic. I am already blessed that the majority of the symptoms are now mininal. I have even decreased the medications I had been taking to help me manage the pain and discomfort. My energy level has increased and I find my overall outlook on activities has been much better. I have even removed wallpaper from my dining room ceiling and walls and didn't have a headache, pain or muscle spasms. It's wonderful!"

Not worrying if I'll have pain
"Before coming to Dr. Hanlon, I had consistent lower back pain from an old ATV accident. I would often wake up and have to readjust because of the pain. After just a few weeks of adjustments I already started noticing relief! I'm now able to do about anything without having to worry about any pain. I sleep much better now! I also have had some stiffness in my neck from a fusion I had in 2000. After just 3 months of adjustments my neck and shoulders feel better. I have less stiffness and better range of motion! Thanks!"

I feel like I have a new body
"I used to have elbow, knee, lower back, hip and upper back pain or discomfort. I had trouble sleeping at night because of discomfort. Now all these pains are gone and I sleep much better at night. My posture has even gotten much better. My quality of life has imp roved greatly. My job is much easier to do without the pain. I feel like I have a new body.

Heartburn is Gone
"Not being a big fan of hearing bones crack and pop, not to mention being somewhat of a wimp, I have always said I would much rather have a massage than go to a chiropractor. I think that was even my response when asked if I wanted to have a free nerve scan done while my husband and I attended "Stretching the Family Dollar" this past April. My husband had the scan done and went in for his x-rays and consultation. I was asked to accompany him for Dr. Mark's "orientation". It was very informative and quite an eye opener! I never realized how important a properly working spine was and how it connected to all of the organs in your body.
Another very interesting part was the section on heartburn and digestion. I have had major episodes with acid in my throat while I am sleeping and also bouts with heartburn after eating too much tomato-based products. I kept taking Prilosec and other over-the-counter medicines, not to mention popping Tums like candy. I thought that if this could help, I would give it a shot and try to get past the bone cracking part. I was totally blown away that after just 2 sessions, I have not had a heartburn or acid episode! What a belief that has been... I can eat ketchup again and I am sleeping much better!
I would also like to add that Dr. Mark and staff have always been glad to answer any questions that you might have about your therapy and health in general. They have classes and seminars to assist you in lots of different ways to get to a healthier you.
Thanks very much Dr. Mark and staff!

No more pain in hip
I developed a hip problem causing pain and numbness in my leg and foot. There were times I could not stand any longer than 10 minutes. I had tried several alternatives to achieve recovery but experienced minimal or no results, I thought I would have to resort to surgery until a friend told me about this place. I took the liberty of accepting this therapy and after a few weeks found it worked! I now have minal pain and no numbness in my leg and hip area. I will continue with this to eradicate the remaining issues that still exist with my hip, which are about all gone.

Blood Sugar Numbers Cut in Half
"I was very tired and thirsty and had just been diagnosed as a diabetic - surprising everyone who knew me. My blood sugar was 380 and normal is about 100. Dr. Diehl suggested maybe he could help by returning more blood flow and improve my nervous system. My next two tests (called A1C tests) showed drastic improvements and blood sugar cut in half. I had been prescribed low doses of oral meds, but couldn't believe the improvements on my tests. My tests showed better and better results, but the only thing I changed was adding chiropractic care. My medical doctor said, "to keep on doing whatever I did since it worked so well." I have more energy and sleep better. I have also learned that just because you don't have pain, it doesn't mean you are healthy and don't need a check-up. The same goes for your nervous system."



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